What Little Girls Are Made Of


And God.

That’s it.

Meet Emily


I want people to know why my doll sleeps in a cradle.  Because she’s a baby.  All babies sleep in cradles all the time.  If babies get whiny and cranky and cry, then we put them in a cradle and rock them.

Emily is beautiful and she’s a girl and she’s cold, too.  I put her in the cradle and put a blanket all around her and she’s cozy and she has a little kitty to sleep with beside her.  And kitties are so cute and so beautiful.

When I Grow Up…

I want to be a rider on a horse because horses are really huge.

I will earn money by holding onto the horse with one hand and taking the money from the buyer with my other hand.  The buyer will buy Barbie dresses made in South Africa.

My Wish List


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What I Want To Learn in School This Year

- How to be a princess
- How to ride a pony
- How to draw a pony
- How to make a rainbow in the air
- How to make my bed
- Bible stories
- How to make the cat be quiet
- How to be a cowboy and have a key to open the farm so all the animals can be free
- How to be a farmer that goes to school