Two eggs, please. by Sarah Weeks

 Two eggs, please. by Sarah Weeks

There’s a fox, a rhinoceros – who we could actually call a “rhino,” there is a mouse with the alligator and the snake.  And there would also be two dog police officers and one pelican.  And I would call the baby gorilla a CUTE baby, because the baby is rather a chimp than a gorilla, because it acts like one all the time by crying.  There is also a ram that has curly horns.  And there’s a bear. 

They go to the restaurant and they get the fox to give them two eggs.  The snake gets them raw.  They’re different cooked (the snake’s is not cooked at all).  But they are the same because of the inside – brown and white eggs always have the inside yellow.

The real moral of the story:  all eggs are the same, even when they’re raw, when they’re cooked, and when they’re fried.

I like the book.  Because it is very very very very very very funny.


If you could hold your breath for three days, where would you go and what would you do?

I would go to the sea and I would swim.  Only if I know how to swim.

I would stay up high.  Because I don’t want sharks to see me.  I think maybe we could tame a shark if we put more brains in him.

I would see a clownfish.  And I would see little guppies, I hope.

The actual moral of the story is NEVER swim in the ocean because there are sharks in there.

The end.

Family Portrait

One night I decided to take a family portrait.  I got everybody, Tweety on top of the fridge, and even me…

P1050782 (2)

P1050784 (2)

P1050785 (2)

P1050786 (2)

P1050788 (2)

The Once-ler

Inspired by The Lorax:Onceler2

[The Once-ler] is sad because he misses the Lorax.  The girl next to him is me.

He has spikes on his head to knock people or animals over.

He can fly – he has wings, with five feathers each.  One wing has been in the water.  It needs to dry and fluff up to look like the other one.  If you see one quarter of it fluffed up, that means it will take seven more days before it is all dry.  If you see half of it fluffed up, that means it’s almost dry.

He has a tiger pig outfit on with tiger stripes and pig feet.  Tiger pigs are real animals.  They live in the jungle in Africa.  And their heads look like normal pigs’ heads, but one thing is different.  Their ears are round like a bear and on the side of their head, instead of pointy.

He has a bow tie on because he’s going to a wedding.  Actually, he’s getting married to another Once-ler who looks just like him, same head, same wings, except the opposite wing is fluffy.  Her suit is a horse suit, and she has a skirt around her suit.  Because it’s a play-time dress-up wedding when everyone has to wear an animal suit or a Disney suit to the wedding.

The girl he is marrying owned all the trees.  She watched him chop down all the trees, and she didn’t mind at all.  She only planted those trees so that people could make things out of them.  And now she’s gonna plant more trees, so that he can chop down more trees so that more people can have Thneeds.

I’m all done now.