Wombats like carrots.  And they dig up holes.  And they even eat oats which are given to them.  And they even eat grass.  And they dig more holes in your garden.  And they even demand for more carrots.  And they love to eat carrots also, which I just said right now – but I keep thinking about them!

Wombats live in Australia.  If we went to Australia, then we would see lots of wombats.

If we had a garden and a wombat came to visit, he would eat up all the garden.  We could put a long gate around.

Wombat Baby wallpaper

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Inspired by Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French.


I don’t want to write on my blog today because Mommy said that Daddy’s movie was allowed.  And I DON’T want to watch it!

I want to do my science experiment.  I forgot why I can’t do it.  It involves putting your hands in water.  You need petroleum jelly, a knife, water, a bowl, and a sponge.

I did nothing today.  Flame did nothing today.  Daddy watched a movie.  Mommy slept today.  I woke her up.

I am thankful for nothing.  Except for one thing.  Oranges.  I like to eat them, except I haven’t tried one yet.

And that’s all I have to say.  Today.