When I grow up…

When I’m a mamma I’m gonna have a baby.  In my tummy.  It’s gonna be a girl.

I’m gonna name her Rose.  She will look like a baby and she will have short hair with a thing around her head with a flower and the same swimming suit as me.  And she’s gonna have little tiny socks on.  Pink and purple and red.  And even green and black.  And brown.  And even white.  And even orange.  And blue.  And even yellow.

And when she grows up, she’s gonna have a baby in her tummy.

I’ll give her some keys to play with.  Toys like a beach ball and a big sandbox and even the same pony as I have – Honey Pie pony.  And the same snowman, but hers will be pink.

I don’t know how I’m going to find a daddy for my baby.  Maybe some boy.  Like John Henry.  He’s at school.  Learning his things.  I don’t know what he’s learning, but he’s just learning his things.

Today I am thankful for…

Fish that God gave me - I am a baby seal

God, because He made all the plants and flowers

The birdies that fly and I catch them with my hands and put them on my shoulder and sometimes they poop on me


My Favorite Season…

…is ponies galloping in the snow.

Nighttime is my favorite season, too. 

Because both of those are my favorite seasons.  I like when they make me feel happy.

They make me feel happy because they are my favorite.

At nighttime, I like to glow up my wands.

In the snow, I like to make prints.  And snowmen.

Right now it is sunny.  Sunny isn’t my favorite season.

I’d Like to Propose a New Holiday:

Pony’s Day to Gallop. 

It should be in winter.  The pony has to put on a coat.  I like to watch the ponies’ hoofprints in the snow.

Photosession: Trash, Mom, and the Moon

DSC01816DSC01818  DSC01808

If I could only choose 4 things for a long trip…

I would take my princess clothes.  Nothing else.  NOTHING ELSE!

If I Had a Boat…

I would put in a seesaw to ride in my boat.

I would go someplace where I’ve never been.  I would go to the snow where all the kids ride ponies down the hill.

I want a big boat that I can go sailing in.

I would put animals in my boat.  Stuffed animals.  Like Noah’s ark.  And I could pretend those stuffed animals were ark animals on my boat.

I would have my Mom and my Daddy on the boat.  That’s all there would be.  That’s because there are three of us.

I would take books with me.  Mary Was a Little Lamb, Strawberry Shortcake, Chickens to the Rescue, Barnyard Dance, Barnyard’s First Morning DayBarnyard’s First Morning Day has a baby pony called a foal and a mommy pony called a mare.  (Mom’s note:  these book titles came off the top of her head.) 

I would eat frozen fruit on the boat.  I would keep it in the refrigerator.

Let’s pretend these chairs are big boats!

Gotta sign off…

How Corn Grows

You water it, and the sunshine makes it grow.  It grows under the ground, and it grows in the trees.  Even in a garden.  That’s where corn grows.

You could cook it.  You take the husk off.  I like it with butter and salt on it.

Self Portrait


That’s me!  And I have earrings.  Now I want to write my name:  esme

Story Time


(Photo by Mom.  Helmet = car; Camera = Hendry; Glue = Jack)

I’m just helping these guys off.  That’s because they are human.  They’re in their car right now.

The camera’s right in here, and I think it’s a human.

They’re going to a different beach where they haven’t been before.  They’re going to play with their sand toys.  Vroommm, Vroommm…

Now the beach is a big beach.

Their names are Jack, and Hendry.  Hendry, the girl that’s a mama, and Jack, the giant that’s a boy.  The camera, the mama is telling Jack to come on, but he isn’t, because he’s too tired.

“Come on!  Come on!”

“I’m too tired!”

Hendry the mama is telling Jack to come on, but he isn’t!  He’s too tired!  Because he’s out of the car, and it’s hot outside!

Hendry the mama is not tired because she thinks it’s cool outside, but it’s not!  It’s hot outside.

Now Jack’s falling, and he can’t get up.  That’s because he doesn’t have any arms or legs.  But Jack IS a human, though.

Help Jack and Hendry!  Because they’re falling!

“We’re going to go someplace else, where it’s not hot.  But I am tired.”  Jack says, “This time I’m driving.”

If I Was a Farm Animal…

I would be a baby bird.  Because I want to have wings so I could fly.  I would fly to a farm where I could live.

I would say “tweet!”

I would eat little bugs and worms and seeds.

My name would be “Mary.”  Just like Mary the lamb.

My favorite animals would be cute little birds.  Pink birds, just like on Mom’s phone.

I’m thirsty!  If I was a baby bird, I would drink milk out of a bottle.  And I would have a bib, too.

Baby birds don’t know how to fly.

Happy Grandparents’ Day

I like to play with this wig and put it on my grandma’s hair, and then she’ll have long hair.  The wig is mine, but my grandma can borrow it.

I like to give my grandpa this pony.  I could light it up with its battery and show it to his feet.  Because it’s special and it came from the store and I wanted to buy it.  And wings, too.

I’ll give my oupa my wings.

I’m going to give my ouma a special thing like that pony over there.

I love my grandpa and my grandma because they are my grandpa and my grandma.

Does “grandma” and “grandpa” rhyme?  It DOES rhyme, silly!  I got rhyming words!

My pony’s legs are breaking.  So I’m not going to give my grandpa this pony.  I’m going to give him that pony instead.

(Photos of wings and wig taken by Mom at my request)

DSC01788 DSC01791

My Favorite Foods

Cereal – the other kind.  Oatmeal.



Bubble gum


And more lollipops


Pink and Princesses

Not all princesses dress in pink.  Some wear blue. 

Princesses dance.  Princes get flowers for princesses.

Princesses eat healthy food.  Peppers, rice, and jam.  The king helps the food get off their faces.

What Little Girls Are Made Of


And God.

That’s it.

Meet Emily


I want people to know why my doll sleeps in a cradle.  Because she’s a baby.  All babies sleep in cradles all the time.  If babies get whiny and cranky and cry, then we put them in a cradle and rock them.

Emily is beautiful and she’s a girl and she’s cold, too.  I put her in the cradle and put a blanket all around her and she’s cozy and she has a little kitty to sleep with beside her.  And kitties are so cute and so beautiful.

When I Grow Up…

I want to be a rider on a horse because horses are really huge.

I will earn money by holding onto the horse with one hand and taking the money from the buyer with my other hand.  The buyer will buy Barbie dresses made in South Africa.

My Wish List


image image

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What I Want To Learn in School This Year

- How to be a princess
- How to ride a pony
- How to draw a pony
- How to make a rainbow in the air
- How to make my bed
- Bible stories
- How to make the cat be quiet
- How to be a cowboy and have a key to open the farm so all the animals can be free
- How to be a farmer that goes to school