If I Was a Farm Animal…

I would be a baby bird.  Because I want to have wings so I could fly.  I would fly to a farm where I could live.

I would say “tweet!”

I would eat little bugs and worms and seeds.

My name would be “Mary.”  Just like Mary the lamb.

My favorite animals would be cute little birds.  Pink birds, just like on Mom’s phone.

I’m thirsty!  If I was a baby bird, I would drink milk out of a bottle.  And I would have a bib, too.

Baby birds don’t know how to fly.


ShEiLa said...

I bet Madison would be a bird too! Birdies are so much fun. Do baby birds drink milk... out of bottles? I hadn't heard of that new technology before. ;)

Cute report on your favorite farm animal Miss Esme.


Healthy & Happy said...

Thank you Esmé, i think you would be a cute pink baby bird! Would you know who your Momma was or would you think a cow or a sheep or a goat or a excavator was your Momma? I hope you could find your Momma high up in the tree...

Healthy & Happy said...
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Healthy & Happy said...

I think you would be a very cute little pink bird Esmé! Would you fall out of the tree because you couldn't fly? Remember the baby bird who fell out of his tree and couldn't find his mother and thought that a sheep, or a goat or even an excavator machine was his mother? I think you know who your mother is!