Happy Grandparents’ Day

I like to play with this wig and put it on my grandma’s hair, and then she’ll have long hair.  The wig is mine, but my grandma can borrow it.

I like to give my grandpa this pony.  I could light it up with its battery and show it to his feet.  Because it’s special and it came from the store and I wanted to buy it.  And wings, too.

I’ll give my oupa my wings.

I’m going to give my ouma a special thing like that pony over there.

I love my grandpa and my grandma because they are my grandpa and my grandma.

Does “grandma” and “grandpa” rhyme?  It DOES rhyme, silly!  I got rhyming words!

My pony’s legs are breaking.  So I’m not going to give my grandpa this pony.  I’m going to give him that pony instead.

(Photos of wings and wig taken by Mom at my request)

DSC01788 DSC01791


ShEiLa said...

Gorgeous shade of purple... maybe I need one of those. The wig looks like it could fit right in with a 'my little pony' with wings. Maybe you could design them.


Healthy & Happy said...

You have some bright colors and a kind giving spirit. I know you make your Grandmas and Grandpas happy when you share!