Story Time


(Photo by Mom.  Helmet = car; Camera = Hendry; Glue = Jack)

I’m just helping these guys off.  That’s because they are human.  They’re in their car right now.

The camera’s right in here, and I think it’s a human.

They’re going to a different beach where they haven’t been before.  They’re going to play with their sand toys.  Vroommm, Vroommm…

Now the beach is a big beach.

Their names are Jack, and Hendry.  Hendry, the girl that’s a mama, and Jack, the giant that’s a boy.  The camera, the mama is telling Jack to come on, but he isn’t, because he’s too tired.

“Come on!  Come on!”

“I’m too tired!”

Hendry the mama is telling Jack to come on, but he isn’t!  He’s too tired!  Because he’s out of the car, and it’s hot outside!

Hendry the mama is not tired because she thinks it’s cool outside, but it’s not!  It’s hot outside.

Now Jack’s falling, and he can’t get up.  That’s because he doesn’t have any arms or legs.  But Jack IS a human, though.

Help Jack and Hendry!  Because they’re falling!

“We’re going to go someplace else, where it’s not hot.  But I am tired.”  Jack says, “This time I’m driving.”


ShEiLa said...

That is quite a story... oh the imagination of little people.


Healthy & Happy said...

where did Jack drive to? the beach on Vancouver island is usually not too hot...