A Story For the Children

Once upon a time there lived Mr. Bunny, and he was taking a walk in the woods, and he spotted some pigs, and then the pigs walked all the way with him.

The End.

Story (Excuse Mom's handwriting. I talk fast, and she was transcribing verbatim.)

100 Questions, Part 3

Our third serving of Hot Chocolate With God answers coming right up…

21) Where do you live right now?

Idleyld Park

22) Do you live in the country, the city, a town, or a village?


23) Do you live near the ocean or mountains?

I live near the ocean.  The Pacific ocean.

24) Do you live anywhere near an anthill?  Did you ever accidentally sit on it?

Sometimes I find some anthills.  I don’t sit on them.

25) If you could live anywhere in the entire world, where would you live, and why?

I would live in Portland because it’s fun.  I’ve played with my cousins there.

26) When you were a baby or a toddler, did you have a special blanket or stuffed animal?  Did it have a name?

It looked kind of like a horse, but it wasn’t because it had small ears and no tail.  Except it still had a mane, and it just had padded feet.  And it was a mammal and it was a toy llama.  I think it was Rebekah.  [Mom’s note:  this is all news to me!  Miss Esmé was into rotation of animals, in reality.]

27) Did you suck your thumb or a pacifier?

Thumb.  OK, it was a dummy.  But now I’m sucking my thumb!  Wah wah wah…

28) How many baby teeth do you still have?


29) How many horse teeth do you have?

I don’t know.  No, it’s 1.  It’s kind of flat, but pointed.  No, I think horse teeth are flat.

30) Where is the weirdest place where you lost a baby tooth?

I have not lost any baby teeth.

100 Questions, Part 2

Our next serving of Hot Chocolate With God answers coming right up…

11) What do you want for your birthday this year?

Is it my birthday already?  Let me think.  You can ask me again.

12) Do you share the same birthday with anyone else in your family or anyone else you know?  If you do, who?

Maybe when I turn 5, maybe I will [share the same birthday].  But not right now.  I can’t wait til I turn 5!  And then my feet are gonna be maybe THIS wide and THIS tall!

13) Weight and height at birth?

7 1/2 lbs, 20 inches

14) Did you have a lot of hair when you were born or were you bald?

I think I had a little bit of hair.

15) Hair color when you were born – and right now?

I think it was kind of a little brown.  Now it’s brownish blonde.  It’s turning blonde right now!  I can’t wait til my hair turns blonde!

16) Eye color?


17) Who else in your family has the same eye color that you have?

My [stuffed] puppy – when her eyes turn blue.  But they’re usually brown.

18) Are you having fun answering these questions?


19) What time were you born?

I don’t even know.  [Mom inserts here:  1 a.m.]

20) Where were you born?


11)  Back to that birthday wish thing again:

The beautifullest thing that I want is GOLD paint.  I would paint my schoolhouse with it.  Gold is my favorite color. 

[Mom inserts here:  I thought pink was your favorite color.]

Yeah.  It’s gold-pink.  Gold means shiny.  I want my schoolhouse to be shiny pink.

100 Questions, Part 1

We are working through a review book, Hot Chocolate With God by Camryn Kelly.  Just thought we’d share some assignment excerpts from this.  Section 1 includes “100 of the BEST Questions in the Entire World…All About You,” and here are the answers to the first 10 questions:

1) What is today’s date?

August 14, 2011.  Sunday.  The first day of the week. (Some prompts from Mom on this one.)

2) What are your first, middle, and last names, and nickname?

Esmé E***** M*****.  NO Nicknames!  (Adamantly refuting all prompts from Mom and Dad on the nicknames.)

3) Who decided on your name?

God told my parents.

4) If you could change your name, what would you change it to, and why?

Mia.  Because I like that name.  Because it has an “A” at the end.

5) Two favorite girls’ names?

Mia.  Allison.

6) Two favorite boys’ names?

Nathan.  George.

7) Use your name to create an acrostic poem that describes you.

E – ver-naughty

S – illy

M – agician

É – nergetic

8) Birth date and age right now?

4 years old.  April *, ****.

9) What age do you look forward to turning, and why this age?

19.  It’s when I’m bigger than all the kids, but not bigger than the grown-ups.

10) What four things would you like to do before you turn 14?

Be a ballerina.

Pretend I’m a kitty sometimes.

Play Noah sometimes.  That’s my favorite game because it’s a Bible story.  And I like water.

Play the piano and travel the world.

Five Years From Now…

I will be nine years old.  It will be after I’m done with kindergarten and 1st grade and 2nd grade and 3rd grade and 4th grade and 5th grade and 6th grade and 7th grade and 8th grade and 9th grade and all those grades.

I will know everything.  I will even know what all the insects look like, and what all the bamboo monkeys look like.  Bamboo monkeys eat bamboo, just like pandas, except they are monkeys.

I want to rename myself. To “Ruth”!  How do you spell “Ruth?”  I won’t be “Esmé” anymore!

I would help people.  If someone fell into a very large hole, I would get a very large rope that’s taller than the hole, and then I would hold it, and then I would tell the woman or the man to hold onto it and climb up. 

Or if it was a cat that needed help, I would rescue it.  If it was up in the tree, I would throw the rope up on the tree, with the loop around a branch, and if the cat was on a branch, I would tell it to climb down.

In five years, I’m going to have children, and Mom will be my children’s grandma.

MamaBlogga Group Writing Project

Illustration of the Day


This is a monster and a giant potato.  The monster pulled at the big potato with a dead bird’s claw until it became small (see the upper left corner).

Just like in a farmer story, where somebody planted a giant potato.  The monster was almost the potato’s size.

The monster is mad because he’s upset about his potato.  It is raining on the monster.  He is a water monster.

He didn’t get a name ever since he was a baby.  He’s gonna be a teenager.  He’s 19 years old, so he’s a teenager.

For fun, he likes to kick, hit, and push.  That’s all the stuff he does.  That’s a mean monster.  He can scratch, too.  See his claws?


(Esmé drew this on the back of her reading worksheet instead of doing the worksheet as instructed…)


Wombats like carrots.  And they dig up holes.  And they even eat oats which are given to them.  And they even eat grass.  And they dig more holes in your garden.  And they even demand for more carrots.  And they love to eat carrots also, which I just said right now – but I keep thinking about them!

Wombats live in Australia.  If we went to Australia, then we would see lots of wombats.

If we had a garden and a wombat came to visit, he would eat up all the garden.  We could put a long gate around.

Wombat Baby wallpaper

Image from


Inspired by Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French.


I don’t want to write on my blog today because Mommy said that Daddy’s movie was allowed.  And I DON’T want to watch it!

I want to do my science experiment.  I forgot why I can’t do it.  It involves putting your hands in water.  You need petroleum jelly, a knife, water, a bowl, and a sponge.

I did nothing today.  Flame did nothing today.  Daddy watched a movie.  Mommy slept today.  I woke her up.

I am thankful for nothing.  Except for one thing.  Oranges.  I like to eat them, except I haven’t tried one yet.

And that’s all I have to say.  Today.