100 Questions, Part 3

Our third serving of Hot Chocolate With God answers coming right up…

21) Where do you live right now?

Idleyld Park

22) Do you live in the country, the city, a town, or a village?


23) Do you live near the ocean or mountains?

I live near the ocean.  The Pacific ocean.

24) Do you live anywhere near an anthill?  Did you ever accidentally sit on it?

Sometimes I find some anthills.  I don’t sit on them.

25) If you could live anywhere in the entire world, where would you live, and why?

I would live in Portland because it’s fun.  I’ve played with my cousins there.

26) When you were a baby or a toddler, did you have a special blanket or stuffed animal?  Did it have a name?

It looked kind of like a horse, but it wasn’t because it had small ears and no tail.  Except it still had a mane, and it just had padded feet.  And it was a mammal and it was a toy llama.  I think it was Rebekah.  [Mom’s note:  this is all news to me!  Miss Esmé was into rotation of animals, in reality.]

27) Did you suck your thumb or a pacifier?

Thumb.  OK, it was a dummy.  But now I’m sucking my thumb!  Wah wah wah…

28) How many baby teeth do you still have?


29) How many horse teeth do you have?

I don’t know.  No, it’s 1.  It’s kind of flat, but pointed.  No, I think horse teeth are flat.

30) Where is the weirdest place where you lost a baby tooth?

I have not lost any baby teeth.


Healthy & Happy said...

Yeah, i would live in Portland too! Your cousins are really fun to play with!