I’d Like to Propose a New Holiday:

Pony’s Day to Gallop. 

It should be in winter.  The pony has to put on a coat.  I like to watch the ponies’ hoofprints in the snow.

Photosession: Trash, Mom, and the Moon

DSC01816DSC01818  DSC01808

If I could only choose 4 things for a long trip…

I would take my princess clothes.  Nothing else.  NOTHING ELSE!

If I Had a Boat…

I would put in a seesaw to ride in my boat.

I would go someplace where I’ve never been.  I would go to the snow where all the kids ride ponies down the hill.

I want a big boat that I can go sailing in.

I would put animals in my boat.  Stuffed animals.  Like Noah’s ark.  And I could pretend those stuffed animals were ark animals on my boat.

I would have my Mom and my Daddy on the boat.  That’s all there would be.  That’s because there are three of us.

I would take books with me.  Mary Was a Little Lamb, Strawberry Shortcake, Chickens to the Rescue, Barnyard Dance, Barnyard’s First Morning DayBarnyard’s First Morning Day has a baby pony called a foal and a mommy pony called a mare.  (Mom’s note:  these book titles came off the top of her head.) 

I would eat frozen fruit on the boat.  I would keep it in the refrigerator.

Let’s pretend these chairs are big boats!

Gotta sign off…