Mrs. Pig

Mrs. Pig

Written and illustrated by Carl Johnson

Once upon a time, there was Mrs. Pig.

And she also acted like a bunny, just like Mr. Pig.

And she was very normal, too.  Extraordinarily normal.

And she ate moss for the first time of her life.  And she kind of threw up, but she did not really get sick.

And then she hopped like a bunny, and then she fell.  And she got hurt, and then she had to go to the hospital.

And then she went back home. 

And also, she ate corn, and it was very good.  Then she realized she was a pig.

The End.

Mr. Pig

Mr. Pig

By John Carl

Illustrated by Betty Rose

Once upon a time, there lived Mr. Pig.  And he really was normal.

But he did do BUNNY things.  And he fell when he hopped.  And then he ate some moss to act like a bunny.  But he threw up.

And then when he ate corn, he knew that he was a PIG.